Intercontinental Solutions

Move more around the world

The opportunity

We know that importing and exporting goods across borders can be complicated. You have rules and regulations, as well as the complexity of various transport modes and networks to get your goods from A to B.
You have questions about how to ensure that what you ship gets to its planned destination in time, in full and without damage.

You may even want to know exactly where your goods are at any given time, so that you can make quick and intelligent decisions.

We can help you ensure that your parts are well protected, your transport modes are fully utilised and your supply chain efficiency improves. We have the scale, the infrastructure, the network and the varied product and service range to help you implement the right solutions for your business. We want to help you do more with less, so that it increases your profitability and costs you less.

With over 60 automotive service centers across over 35 countries, we can reduce the cost and complexity of moving goods across countries and continents.

We'll help you

  • Map out and quantify your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Through Lean Six Sigma principles, analyse your current supply chain to identify opportunities and eliminate non-value adding activities
  • Produce a financial model outlining your opportunities to reduce cost
  • Understand operational import and export processes related to reusable packaging for the applicable countries
  • Determine the least cost, least risk solution to meet your key objectives and KPIs
  • Provide economies of scale with third-party providers
  • Offer customs support to ensure seamless cross-border shipments

What we do

global scale

We have dedicated intercontinental networks, systems and solutions designed especially for moving all types of automotive parts across the world. And we already have extensive experience in working with leading Tier1 and OEMs globally. Through that experience, we've gained the knowledge and expertise needed to work with our customers to understand and improve their international supply chains.

We can help you identify the right solution for your international shipments. And we can help you understand the various regulations of the countries you ship your products in and out of, so that all the associated risk of part delivery delays or penalties is fully mitigated.

We have a team of experts who will help you gain insight and quantify your current costs; help you find and implement the right solution for both the import and export party; and then help you to continuously improve your supply chain processes through joint business plans and innovation.

How you'll benefit

  • By partnering with us, you will benefit from our economies of scale
  • Through higher pack density and the use of robust packaging, which encourages better stacking, you can reduce your transport cost through better utilisation and less shipping air
  • Eliminate non-core CAPEX and one-way packaging OPEX costs
  • Reduce your risk of damaged parts that could result in line stops and/or emergency replenishment costs
  • Improve health and safety in the workplace by stopping one-way packaging contamination and handling dangers
  • Increase control over matching packaging supply with peaks in production through our 'Pay as you need' business model
  • Reduce pipeline inventory through streamlining or eliminating repackaging and handling activities
  • Tap into our engineering services and let us help you design, develop and/or source the right type of packaging and dunnage to find the right balance between supply chain needs, and product and process needs

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