The way the world makes, moves and sells goods is being transformed

This general-purpose, resuable wooden euro pallet (size 1200x800 mm) is ideal for the loading, distribution and display of goods. It is pooled and serviced throughout CHEP’s network of service centres, helping to increase efficiency and the sustainable use of natural resources across the supply chain.

As our customers are faced with new challenges and opportunities, CHEP is partnering with them to find revolutionary ways of operating, and to deliver solutions for smarter and more sustainable supply chains.

As part of CHEP’s commitment to continually improving our products and solutions, we are making a significant quality investment in our European pallet pool to help customers move more products, more efficiently and more sustainably than ever before.

Learn more about the new generation euro pallet.

CHEP Euro Pallet wood 1200x800mm

Euro Pallet 1200x800 mm new generation 3 board topdeck 5 board topdeck

The 1200x800 mm CHEP pallet is a general purpose platform that can be safely used for most applications in the distribution and transportation of goods and products in Europe.

Through continuous innovation we are creating an enhanced and more robust European (1208) pallet to better protect your products throughout the supply chain.

  • Dimensions and tolerances will stay the same so that your operations will not be impacted by the change, but the new design elements will deliver benefits to help address changing needs within the supply chain.
  • Our customers will benefit from improved quality, performance, and safety, and our industry-leading sustainability assurance program will help you achieve your business and environmental goals without having to compromise one for the other.
  • The new pallet design will start being produced in 2018, and we will progressively inject new enhanced pallets according to purchase needs.
  • The transition from the existing pallet will be gradual over a few years as our pallets circulate through the network, so you will likely see the two versions together during the transition period. 

Materials and compliance

Wood: FSC® (FSC-C104794) and PEFC™ (PEFC/07-32-233) certified sustainable timber
Paint: blue, water-based emulsion, compliant to the highest standard EN-71-3
Nails: standard (carbon steel) wire; compliant with 94/62/EC for packaging and packaging waste content and concentrations of heavy metals
Inks: solvent-based inks used for pallet marking; compliant with 2004/42/EC Paints Directive and 1999/13/EC Solvents Directive.

Features and Benefits

CHEP Euro Pallet wood 1200x800mm

  • Robust block construction

    Strength for the safe handling of heavy loads. Durability for consistent performance during handling, transport and pooling across the supply chain

  • Consistent quality

    Dimensional accuracy makes it suitable for automated production, packaging and warehousing processes, minimising product damage and reducing downtime. Every pallet is carefully inspected and serviced to deliver improved conditions for health and safety.

  • Colour coded blue

    The distinctive CHEP blue colour ensures that our pallets can be identified easily

  • Equipment compatibility

    Can be used with all standard handling equipment

  • Environmentally friendly

    CHEP’s pooling network reduces packaging waste and the overall impact on the environment.

Specifications CHEP Euro Pallet wood 1200x800 mm

Specifications CHEP Euro Pallet wood 1200x800 mm new generation 5 board topdeck

Warning: Please DO NOT rack across pallet width. Preliminary testing is recommended on each automated or gravity pallet handling system due to the bespoke nature of each technical set up. CHEP does not recommend the use of this pallet in direct contact with unpacked foodstuffs.

Important: CHEP pallets and containers always remain the property of CHEP and can never be legally bought or sold. CHEP reserves the right to change any of the above information without prior notice. 

CHEP Euro Pallet wood 1200x800mm

CHEP Euro Pallet wood 1200x800mm

“Reusable pallets meet our sustainability position. Plus, I know CHEP pallets are durable and reliable. When our suppliers use blue pallets, the flow of goods is not going to be inhibited in any way."

Alan Abraham, Warehouse Manager, Henderson Group


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Our Power of Pooling calculator helps you to quickly identify your potential cost and environmental savings.

CHEP provides efficient, safe and sustainable solutions in our customers’ supply chains.

We contribute to a circular economy through our principles of recover, reuse, reduce and recycle. 

Sustainability becomes a business opportunity when you can add economic value to your sustainable efforts.

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