Providing you with consistent quality pallets

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Providing you with consistent quality pallets

Retailers demand high-quality pallets, and that’s what we supply. We understand that non-standard and variable quality pallets can hurt your profitability, your ability to deliver and your reputation.

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Why is pallet quality so important?

The inconsistent build quality of white wood pallets can cause platform collapse, additional cost and delivery refusals, meaning more repairs and replacements. More sorting, too, as you try to decide whether the pallets are fit for purpose.

That’s why every CHEP pallet is independently verified to last up to ten times longer than other pallets.

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Three ways CHEP can help you meet your pallet quality challenges


  • More standardization, less risk

    CHEP pallets conform to industry standards and are designed for easier, safer and minimal handling.

    Dimensional accuracy and consistent quality make CHEP pallets suitable for automated production, packaging and warehousing processes. That’s why so many large retailers accept them. Higher quality means less disruption to production lines.

  • A positive impact on the environment

    Pallets last longer when they’re regularly inspected and repaired. Our process means fewer trees are felled and more wood waste is recycled. Independent research shows that CHEP pallets last up to 10 times longer than the white-wood equivalent. All this means less damage, less contamination and less CO2. Our sustainable solutions can have a positive impact on your business. Find out more.

  • Designed, tested and certified

    Our pallets are designed, tested and continuously improved at our CHEP Innovation Centre to ensure everything is produced to a high quality. Higher quality means even lower wastage. When a CHEP pallet arrives at one of our service centres, it undergoes a rigorous process of inspection and, if necessary, repair, before being reused. We combine human quality assurance with the latest 3D laser-scanning technology to identify problems quickly and precisely.



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Our FAQ: Quick answers to the most important questions

  • How do I avoid contamination of my product during transport?

    We work with producers, distributors and retailers, and track every move in the supply chain. And it is in the first mile that we must ensure the greatest care and control.  The first mile is the starting point of the supply chain. At CHEP we know that at this stage the risk of contamination during transport, storage and handling of raw materials and packaging materials has to be minimized and high standards of safety and hygiene have to be met. Especially in industries such as the food industry, there is a great need to avoid waste as much as possible and to reduce costs and delays.

  • How does CHEP inspect and repair its pallets?

    1. Pallets arrive at the CHEP service centre.
    2. Each is inspected by experienced quality assurance staff, and by lasers for unrivalled speed and accuracy.
    3. Precise measurements are taken to ensure correct dimensions and alignment of parts.
    4. Dirt and minor debris is removed.
    5. Deck boards are inspected, and if necessary tested, for load-bearing capacity.
    6. Problem nails are are refixed or replaced.
    7. Broken planks are removed for recycling and replaced.
    8. Fresh paint is applied where necessary.
  • Which pallet should I use for transporting hygiene sensitive goods?

    Hygiene and prevention of contamination or damage are primary challenges in the raw materials and packaging materials industry. Avoiding risks of splinters or dust in the transported product is crucial to ensure food safety. 

    CHEP has solutions which allow you to transport raw materials, semi-finished products and packaging to production areas without having to re-palletize your products. Available in 31 European countries, our pallets are tested to ISO standards to ensure top performance and ensure quality transport within the first mile of the supply chain.

    The CHEP Plastic Euro Pallet 1200x800mm pallets are ideal for highly regulated, hygiene-sensitive industries such as raw materials or pharmaceutical manufacturing. Made of virgin plastic, these pallets are ideal for food products, with no nails, sharp edges or splinters. Smooth surfaces prevent the accumulation of moisture, dust, allergens or liquids, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring transport hygiene. 

  • What is the best pallet solution for me?

    CHEP offers different pallet sizes and solutions for consumer goods, retail and fresh industries. We have the broadest range of platforms, from full-size wooden pallets to plastic quarter-pallet display platforms, all standardized to fit into your supply chain. Our range of pooling services means you can outsource pallet management entirely to us if you choose to. 

  • Do CHEP pallets meet ISPM15 quality standards?

    ISPM is the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures. All wood packaging materials (WPM) moving between the EU and other countries must meet ISPM15 international standards and are subject to official checks on a risk-targeted basis. CHEP has developed the CHEP PLUS PS (phytosanitary) pallet solution for those customers requiring ISPM15 compliant pallets for export flows.

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Providing you with consistent quality pallets