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How can you supply your products to your customers in an easy, fast and sustainable way? - This is the question that we ask ourselves every day – it’s our passion!

When farmers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers use the CHEP pallet pooling system, transport is optimised and products are delivered faster and safely. 

You can recognise our platforms by their blue colour. What makes us special is the circular business model: we deliver our pallets to the manufacturer to be loaded with goods, and recover them from the distributor after they have been unloaded. This reduces costs and protects the environment. Before the pallets are reused, they are inspected and repaired. This delivers reliable quality for everyone.

Together with you, we are permanently seeking new ways to make the supply chain more sustainable, more intelligent and more efficient every day.

We look forward to meeting your challenges as well.


Our capabilities

Wide Coverage Area
• We have the widest range of platforms and supply chain solutions, which can be accessed in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Unparalleled Expertise
• No other company has more visibility over Supply Chain activities and has contributed more to streamlining supply chains than CHEP.

Customised Partnerships
• We provide solutions adapted to each supply chain, regardless of the size of our customers’ business.

5 years of sustainable activity in Romania
5 years of sustainable activity in Romania

Our values

Better Business
• We offer efficient, safe and sustainable solutions in our customers’ supply chains.
• We work with our customers and suppliers to offer sustainable solutions that are mutually advantageous.
• We are committed to ensuring that no damages occur in the workplace.

Better Planet
• We reduce our environmental impact via continuous improvement projects.
• We have reduced wood waste to zero and are working on reducing other waste.
• We promote renewable resources and use wood from 100% monitored forests.

Better Communities
• We bring a positive contribution to the communities where we carry out our activities.
• We encourage employees to take part in local community activities.
• We support initiatives relating to the environment, education and food waste within the company. 

The CHEP team
The CHEP team

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