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  • July 02, 2020 -

    About pallet pooling in Russia on RBC+ TV channel

    Recently I've been interviewed by RBC TV channel. They filmed a TV programme on international companies working in Russia and introducing sustainable technologies to Russian market. I have shared recent news about company's development, explained the importance of such shared services as pallet pooling and updated on how CHEP keep on investing into Russian market to establish pooling network across the…

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  • April 29, 2020 - Moscow, Russia

    What do you know about prefilled displays?

    Before counting the advantages of prefilled displays let's define what does prefilled display mean?

    Prefilled display or Pre-pack (pre-pack - “pre-packaged") - prefilled ready to be displayed at the store package with goods. It is delivered from the manufacturer by cross-docking (without placement in the storage area) immediately in the store, where it is entirely placed in the…

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  • April 27, 2020 -

    11 FAQs about pallet pooling

    We often have questions about how the pallet pooling system works. And this is quite natural - the technology came to Russian market from Europe quite recently, and many companies are not yet familiar with this approach. CHEP can make the supply chain easier and more efficient. To explain how pooling works, we, together with, collected…

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  • April 24, 2020 -

    5 facts about CHEP pallets

    How goods get to our home? First they are produced, then sent to stores, and already from the shelves of the store we take this or that product to our home. This is a very short description of the entire path that goods go through to our homes. The supply chain is much more complicated. Movments at the…

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