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At CHEP Russia we understand that having a presence at major industry fairs and events is essential for informing Russian market about solutions which CHEP provides. To stay abreast of the latest trends  is important for us in order to showing our customers and suppliers our latest innovative products and services. 

Scroll down to see various events and fairs we have attended, providing added value to our customers.

CHEP talks about Future of Supply Chain

In partnership with Association of European Businesses (AEB) CHEP has organised the event on November 14th, 2019 in Moscow, dedicated to Future Trends in the Supply Chains. Experts from Nielsen and CHEP has presented: 
- new trends in retail and FMCG markets from international analytics company Nielsen;
- influence of technologies, digitalization and IoT in supply chains;  
- «Net positive» and what does it mean for companies from global sustainability director of CHEP;
- how retailers and manufacturers can implement innovative approaches to optimize supply chain. 

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Future of Supply Chain
Future of Supply Chain

CHEP at Russian Retail Week 2019

CHEP for the second time took part in the annual biggest retail forum with the business and government - Russian Retail Week (3-5 June 2019). This year, CHEP actively participated in the business program of the forum - became a partner of the session Retail best practice and presented there together with the leading Russian retailer Magnit about the start of joint project on pallet pooling. Andrey Pisartsov,General director of CHEP Russia presented and on behalf of Magnit - Evgenia Pakseeva, Director of the Department of Cooperation with Suppliers .

The second presentation was in the frame of expert discussion “Environmental initiatives in retail” with representatives of retailers and manufacturers. Timofey Ivanov, Head of Asset protection Department, was speaking on behalf of CHEP about the benefits of a circular economy and showed, on example of CHEP, how this concept is already being implemented throughout the world.

At the CHEP stand, representatives of retail and manufacturers had the opportunity to discuss the details of cooperation with CHEP experts.

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Presentation at Russian Retail Week 2019 CHEP and MAGNIT
Presentation at Russian Retail Week 2019 CHEP and MAGNIT

CHEP presents at the biggest retail event in Russia

June 5-8, 2018 CHEP took part at the annual Russian Retail Week. Together with Spanish retailer AhorraMas CHEP presented how cooperation with CHEP can bring retailers to outstanding results. .

Marco Salort Pons, Director, Ready to Display, Last Mile Solutions together with Jose Luis Rodrigue Corroto, Logistics Director at AhorraMas during the session "Marketing in Retail" spoke about joint project in the Spanish retail supermarkets. Retailer placed goods on CHEP quarter pallets in different zones of the store. This decision helped to optimize in-store space, boosted  sales and reduced operational costs. The results of the joint project showed that CHEP solutions can also reduce the complexity and manual replenishment of the goods. This is the first time CHEP speaks together with the customer on the event in Russia. 

small quarter pallet
Miniature of CHEP quarter-pallet

CHEP took part in the 9th International Exhibition CeMat (September 19-21, 2018).

CeMat Russia is the largest exhibition of warehouse equipment and systems, lifting and transport equipment and warehouse automation equipment in Russia . The exhibition was held in Moscow at the Crocus Expo exhibition center from September 19-21. The companyCHEP (CHEP) showed on its stand high-quality pallets and spoke about the pooling - a service that is gaining popularity among manufacturers and retailers.

At CeMat, CHEP has presented euro standard pallets (1200x800mm) and half pallets (800x600 mm), a novelty on the Russian market of reusable tare. 
The quality of pallets directly affects the safety of warehouse employees, the safety of cargo, as well as the entire supply chain. If you put an expensive product on a wooden pallet, then its breakdown is a major financial loss and difficulty for all market participants: manufacturers, distributors, retailers and warehouse operators. And injuries to warehouse employees and customers from broken pallets can result in reputational losses for the company and lawsuits. 
High-quality pallets of single standards is the most important element in the safe and efficient operation of a modern warehouse.

In the framework of the forum "Effective management of intralogistics enterprises ”, the general director of CHEP, Andrey Pisartsov, presented about the“ Düsseldorf ” half pallets and their role in logistics and inventory management.


CeMAT Russia 2018
CeMAT Russia 2018

CHEP plastic quarter-platforms for pre-packed goods are a new arrival on the Russian market.

CHEP sponsored the Popai Russia Awards 2018 between 10 and 13 April 2018. The international competition is the biggest prize in Russian marketing, recognizing the best in POSM and in-store communications. The company’s stand at the event offered other attendees the chance to discover a new product on the Russian market - plastic quarter pallets.
As part of the Popai Awards 2018 CHEP sponsored the Pre-Pack category. The category is for secondary packaging for transportation, including corrugated cardboard display units in which goods are both transported from the manufacturer to the shop and immediately brought out onto the shop floor on arrival. The company supplied plastic quarter pallets in its blue corporate colors to the competitors - designers, POSM producers, agencies, trademark owners and retail chains - on which to display their competition entries.
At our own stand we demonstrated the advantages of using quarter pallets for retailers and manufacturers using Virtual Reality technology. By donning goggles and taking hold of the controllers, attendees at the exhibition were able to transport themselves to a virtual-reality shop and assess the advantages of using plastic quarter pallets from the perspectives of a shop worker and a merchandiser.
This was the first time CHEP had sponsored the competition in Russia, but it has previously taken part in POPAI events in Europe and Australia. “We plan to sponsor the competition in Russia again next year. It was an interesting and valuable experience for us,” said Andrey Pisartsov, the Company’s General Manager in Russia.

CHEP Brochures.
CHEP brochures on the stand at the exhibition.

On 10 April 2018 CHEP acted as sponsor and content partner for the First Congress of Leading and Specialist Supply Chain Companies - Manufacturers and Retailers.

CHEP is a member and partner of the Council of Supply Chain Professionals, which organized the conference. Speakers from CHEP discussed current trends in logistics and the concept of sharing re-usable containers, touching on information-based, technical and management solutions for supply chain management. 

Adrian Rens, CHEP’s Director, Supply Chain Emerging Europe, gave a presentation entitled “How to Build Transport Collaboration - the European Experience”. Adrian discussed trends in European logistics and the concept of transport collaboration as a way not only of saving company resources but also of reducing negative effects on the environment by preventing empty miles and encouraging co-operation between all market participants.

Andrey Pisartsov, CHEP Russia CEO, appeared at the panel session held the same day. He shared his view that the concept of sharing resources is a twenty-first century trend, since store layouts are changing, forcing retailers and manufacturers to look for new, efficient solutions in the field of re-usable tare among others.

In his address, Evgeniy Shiryaev, CHEP Russia’s Business Development Executive, discussed why the quality of containers had a direct effect on logistics processes, and how to make the supply chain more efficient by pooling re-usable pallets.

The event brought together 473 participants ranging from foreign supply chain management experts to directors and vice-presidents of logistics and supply chain at leading Russian and international companies.

The Council of Supply Chain Professionals
Photos courtesy of the Council of Supply Chain Professionals

CHEP demonstrated its logistics solutions at the 4th Innosklad International exhibition, held in St. Petersburg from 28-30 November 2017.

The international Innosklad exhibition is dedicated to everything to do with modern warehouse systems and equipment. The exhibition played host to a demonstration area, which was used to show the latest innovations, equipment and warehouse technology from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers in action. The demo warehouse was equipped with CHEP wooden Euro Pallets throughout. Visitors to the exhibition were able to see the advantages of using CHEP re-usable storage containers for themselves. While demonstrating the features of their own products, manufacturers of cutting edge warehouse technology and loading/unloading equipment, as well as shelving manufacturers, all commented that the high quality and consistent single standard of CHEP pallets guaranteed that their technology would work efficiently, removing the potential for faults which might cause damage to products being stored or to the equipment itself. Precise dimensions, high-quality timber and high load capacity ensure the safety of logistical processes in the warehouse. At CHEP’s stand, company representatives explained the advantages of the pooling system to customers, along with the advantages of renting rather than buying containers.

A pallet inscribed “Property of CHEP”.

CHEP’s solutions were unveiled for the first time at the annual ECR Forum.

At the 13th annual ECR (Efficient Customer Response) Forum, held on 13 and 14 September 2017 at Moscow Music Hall, and attended by major manufacturers in the FMCG sector and retail industry leaders, CHEP introduced unique logistics tools and solutions allowing companies to save on renting CHEP re-usable platforms. These tools and solutions became available on the Russian market from 2017. 
Andrey Pisartsov, General Manager of CHEP in Russia, explained how companies could perfect their supply chains using CHEP’s new logistics solution for the Russian market – pallet pooling.  
Following his address, attendees were invited to visit the CHEP stand and test the CHEP platforms in a virtual “shop of the future” using a virtual reality headset. The “shop of the future” attracted a great deal of professional interest among the retail industry representatives.

CHEP at the ECR Forum
CHEP at the ECR Forum

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