The right platform choice for your supply chain

You need a platform solution that works for you. With CHEP, you’ll be supported by AsiaPac's widest collection network and biggest, quality-assured equipment pool. So whatever you need to move, whenever you need to move it, you’ll be supplied with the pallets you need, where you need them.

We have the broadest range of platforms. This means we can help you make the best platform choice for your supply chain, giving you the right equipment, at the right time. And that means better efficiency all round.

When companies use standard-sized pallets, supply chains connect seamlessly through the use of standard equipment designed to move products more efficiently and sustainably.

Conveyor belts, pallet jacks and forklifts and storage racks lower the costs of handling goods. Standard-size trailers can be designed to carry more product loads with every trip. More companies in a market can share and reuse a higher quality pallet.

Standard-size pallets reduce the financial and environmental costs of handling and transporting products from the raw material supplier to the manufacturer to the retailer/distributor to the store and to the consumer. Standard-sized pallets make standardization possible. Standardization is the mother of efficiency.

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Why outsource your pallet operations

The management of pallets is a specialist headache that diverts your people and capital resources from achieving your core business objectives. Buying, administering, collecting, sorting, repairing and transporting the pallets you need is a laborious and costly process.

When you outsource your pallet operations to us, we manage, maintain, supply, and retrieve all the pallets you will ever need. This provides your business many competitive advantages.

You gain more efficient use of your capital. You release capital expenditure to invest in core business activities.

You lower you operating costs. You eliminate the labor costs of managing a platform inventory. You only pay for pallets when you use them. Your pallets are repaired better which reduces product damage. Just-in-time deliveries and partial deliveries eliminate buffer stocks and free space within your facilities. You don’t have to purchase and store excess pallets to meet peak demands and seasonality needs.

You lower your risks. We will supply you pallets when you need them, so the risk of your products sitting still in your supply chain is eliminated. When you contract us to supply your pallets, your cost per pallet is fixed and consistent over time, which reduces your exposure to market price fluctuations.

You become a better corporate citizen. Your business receives and showcases environmental benefits, as we share and reuse your pallets with other companies when you’re not using them.

Why outsource your pallet operations
Outsourced pallet operations

Why use a pallet?

Using a pallet lowers the cost of getting your goods to market.

Pallets enable you to move a load of products at the same time, instead of hand-carrying your products one at a time. This is why goods placed on a pallet or inside a container is called a product load.

When you move your products on a pallet in the form of a product load, it is more efficient—you move more goods with less human effort and lower labor costs.

Moving goods in a wrapped product load reduces the possibility of damage and theft during the movement, handling and transport of your products. The end result—more goods move faster with less effort, less handling and less damage.

Pallets enable you to use machines, automation and transport to help you move your goods more efficiently throughout every stage of your supply chain. Product loads are constructed faster. Goods move faster through your facilities. Trucks are loaded and unloaded faster. When you standardize and coordinate these movements, the cost savings are substantial within your operations, as well as those of your trading partners.

Wrapped product load reduces damage
Wrapped product load reduces damage

Why transport goods on a pallet?

When you transport your goods as product loads, the labor and time required to load goods into trailers and unload goods from trailers is dramatically reduced.

Your trucks spend less time at the loading docks, and more time delivering your products. This enables each truck to make several more trips per day, which reduces the number of trucks, trailers and drivers required to deliver products.

When goods are secured within a product load, product damage is reduced during transport and loading and unloading.

When trading partners transfer products on a pallet, both parties’ operations benefit from the greater efficiencies pallets enable.

Why transport goods on a pallet?
Why transport goods on a pallet?

Why share and reuse pallets?

When people share and reuse a pallet, higher quality pallets becomes financially feasible.

Higher quality pallets reduce product damage, improve product quality, and increase the amount of goods you can safely and securely carry in every product load.

Higher quality pallets also break less, which eliminates accidents and protects your workers from injury.

Sharing and reusing pallets also provides great environmental benefits. When people share and reuse the same pallets, fewer pallets are required, fewer natural resources are consumed to make the pallets, and fewer pallets are sent to landfills.

Here is what our customers achieve each year by sharing and reusing standard CHEP platforms:

  • 630,000 tonnes of CO2 are taken out of the atmosphere.
  • 1.38 million trees are left on the planet.
  • 420,000 tonnes of trash never makes it to landfills.
  • 3,000 less tonnes of food is damaged during transport.
Why share and reuse pallets?
Why share and reuse pallets?

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  • Supply Chain Solutions

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