Supply Chain Solutions

Finding the right solutions

With the right solution, we can overcome obstacles.

As we’re at the heart of thousands of supply chains worldwide – working across every leg of the supply chain – we have a unique, holistic understanding of the aspects that can impact the effective movement of goods. It lets us collaborate with customers to implement solutions to improve efficiency, eliminate waste and accelerate flow across your supply chain.

Our Supply Chain Solutions include mapping the flow of goods, information and platforms. It lets us identifying the root cause behind network inefficiencies. And from there, we can make your business run better.

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Supply Chain Design

Supply Chain Design
Supply Chain Design

Mapping | Executing | Improving

Supply Chain Design identifies opportunities to find efficiencies and eliminate waste throughout your supply chain. The objective is to reduce cycle times, transportation costs, loading and unloading times, product damage costs, and product theft. Specifically, we will work to:

  • Analyze how you are currently handling and transporting raw materials and finished goods throughout your supply chain, and where and how the use of specific types of platforms would eliminate waste that would result in increased profitability and sustainability.
  • Analyze your product types, your materials handling processes, your facilities, your labor resources and costs, your transportation resources, your lanes and your distribution channel partners’ requirements and capabilities.
  • Present before and after financial models for your review, to make sure you can quantify the monetary value before implementation. These models will identify financial impact across silos, departments and legs of your supply chain to give you a complete cost/benefit analysis.
  • Measure the results of the improvement and optimize execution based on those learnings.

Platform Solutions

Platform Solutions
Platform Solutions

Pallets | RPCs | Containers

Our higher quality platforms and our share and reuse platform model provide the most efficient and sustainable pallets, RPCs and containers for your products, your business and your trading partners. We will consistently provide you:

  • Platforms that reduce your labor and transportation costs.
  • Platforms that reduce product damage and improve product quality.
  • Platforms that enable you to improve your relationships with trading partners.
  • Platforms that reduce your supply chain’s impact on the environment.
  • Administrative tools and training to help you manage your platform inventory at the lowest cost to your business.

Product Loads

Product Loads
Product Loads

Constructing | Protecting | Handling

Our Product Load specialists will show you how to build, move, store and transport product loads safely and securely throughout your supply chain. We will work with you to teach your workforce how to:

  • Configure and wrap your product loads in a manner that reduces product damage, improves product quality and enables the most amount of product to be carried per product load without damage to your product.
  • Construct, wrap and handle product loads in a way that eliminates accidents and keeps your workers safe.
  • Move and handle product loads within your facilities at the lowest cost to your business. How to store them, how to order pick from them, and how to load them onto trailers and unload them from trailers.

Equipment Solutions

Equipment Solutions
Equipment Solutions

Loading | Reducing | Sharing

Our logistics experts will collaborate with your team to help you lower your total transportation costs. Together, we will identify:

  • How you can design your trailer loads to get the most product loads possible inside your trucks.
  • How you can load product faster onto your trucks to reduce your down time at the loading dock.
  • How you can share transport with CHEP and its customers to close empty loops and eliminate empty lanes.
  • How we can deliver and collect partial loads or just in time loads to reduce your platform inventories.
  • How you can generate revenue by transporting CHEP platforms to or from other customers or CHEP facilities

Import / Export Solutions

Import / Export Solutions
Import / Export Solutions

Platforms | Advice | Assistance

With more than 13,000 supply chain professionals working in more than 60 countries, we are in a unique position to help you import and export goods at a lower cost to your business. We will:

  • Provide you the global capabilities and local market knowledge to support the movement of goods across borders or continents.
  • Supply you platforms that are standard sizes in the markets you are shipping to.
  • Help you understand the platform requirements of trading partners and government regulations overseas.
  • Supply platforms to your suppliers overseas that are standard in Thailand.


  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Supply Chain Solutions

    CHEP provides our customers solutions that improve efficiencies, eliminate waste, and accelerate flows across silos, departments and trading partners.

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