Case Study: Mandujano Brothers Produce

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How Mandujano Brothers Produce boosts sustainability and sales

The Opportunity
Help a respected Texas produce leader ensure access to pallets, satisfy retail demands and reduce stress during peak seasons.

The Solution
Collaborate with CHEP on managed recovery of pallets and pallet storage to eradicate empty miles, save time and improve availability.

A customer storage and sustainability success story

Ask people in Texas if they’re familiar with Pecos Fresh cantaloupes from Mandujano Brothers Produce, and you’re sure to get a positive response: The delicious cantaloupes are a huge hit. Local media call them everything from a “Lone Star legend” to a “sweet sensation.”

The cantaloupes are difficult to grow, and can be a challenge to ship; harvest dates are a moving target. The right pallets need to be available, right when they’re needed. For Mandujano Brothers, the need for accessible pallets extends beyond cantaloupe season: Their produce includes watermelons, onions and pumpkins.

After working with CHEP for a year, the Mandujanos decided to expand the partnership. They signed up for CHEP’s managed recovery and storage program in May 2019, and soon had more than 16,000 stored CHEP pallets on hand and ready for peak season shipments.

By storing CHEP pallets on site, I don’t have to worry. When we’re ready to use them, it’s just a matter of bringing them from storage to the facility to shipping. It’s a lot of weight off me.

Beto Mandujano Vice President of Marketing, Mandujano Brothers Produce

Mandujano Brothers

“In my busy season, I can move 600-700 pallets per day to stores,” says Beto Mandujano, Vice President of Marketing. “I need a lot of pallets. With the storage program, I don’t have to worry. I have pallets there when I need them.”

With managed recovery and storage, Mandujano Brothers receives CHEP’s pooled (shared and reusable) pallets directly from distribution centers and retailers; sorts them using CHEP quality standards; stores the pallets that pass the test; and returns the rest to CHEP for repair before reuse.

CHEP and its parent company, Brambles, are helping customers like the Mandujanos create smarter, more sustainable supply chains by eliminating waste, eradicating empty transport miles and cutting out inefficiency through a collaborative new approach, Zero Waste World. The managed recovery and storage program is a prime example of Zero Waste World in action.

Since 2018, Mandujano Brothers has utilized 38,735 CHEP pallets and generated substantial sustainability savings.

  • Removed 16,470 pounds of carbon emissions from the atmosphere, equivalent to 18,266 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle in the US.
  • Eliminated 21,827 pounds of solid waste from landfill.
  • Demonstrated verifiable results, beginning with CHEP’s use of 99% certified timber (PEFC and FSC certifications) all the way to the eradication of empty miles.

“I love the storage program,” says Mandujano. “It benefits me a lot to have stored pallets on site, and the sorting is not a big deal.”

Mandujano says he plans to increase the number of CHEP pallets stored on site. Accessibility is key, he says, but CHEP’s pooled solution also fits with the Mandujano Brothers’ sustainability goals. And, he says, the blue pallets boost business.

“Someone told me years ago that I would sell more if I put our products on CHEP,” Mandujano says. “Sure enough, we’ve sold a lot more. Buyers complain about other platforms. CHEP is just an overall better pallet. What’s more, even though we’re a small account, CHEP treats us like we’re a big account. Our calls are always returned right away. I like it. I’ll be a long-time customer.”

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