Case Study: Canned Goods Manufacturer

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How a Soup Company Aided Retail Partners and Their Own Bottom Line

The Opportunity
Improve a major, multinational soup company’s in-store product placement by gaining retail support for their off-aisle promotional displays.

The Solution
Utilize CHEP’s shared and reusable half pallet for their promotional canned food displays.

A promotional success story

When you’re in the business of selling canned soup, you rely heavily on seasonal promotions to drive sales. Each year when the temperature started dropping, a multinational canned soup company would instruct their co-packers to begin delivering their half pallet, off-aisle displays to the stores.

Unfortunately, their co-packers were building these promotional displays on inconsistent recycled pallets. Soup cans are heavy, and after moving through several stages of the supply chain, some of the pallets would buckle under pressure. Retailers became frustrated with product damage and were reluctant to put broken pallets on the floor. Instead, the store staff would break down the displays and stock the cans in the aisle with dozens of other products—promotional opportunity lost.

We’ve helped thousands of consumer goods companies around the world successfully integrate consumer-facing platforms into their supply chain.

Todd Hoff Vice President of Marketing and Customer Solutions CHEP North America

This multinational canned soup company’s leadership partnered with CHEP to find a high-quality, display-ready solution. We worked together and determined that CHEP shared and reusable half pallets would provide a consistent, durable and readily available platform. These half pallets would also improve the appearance in retail stores and ultimately lower supply chain costs. Plus, this soup company was able to justify their investment with their co-packers, since their promotional displays would actually reach the retail floor.

This multinational canned soup company started transporting displays on CHEP half pallets and quickly saw results. Sales increased due to less product damage, fewer customer returns and more visibility for promotional displays on the retail floor. They were pleased with the improved look and feel of their in-store displays, and retailers were pleased with the ease of handling and increased load stability—leading to better placement at the store’s prime off-aisle locations.

Thanks to strong results across their supply chain and an increased return on their investment, this company is now merchandising 100% of their traditional soup displays on CHEP half pallets.

Our customers receive substantial benefits from integrating CHEP shared and reusable half pallets into their supply chain.

  • Improve product placement.
  • Reduce out of stocks.
  • Reduce product damage.
  • Better execution of planned promotions.
  • Increase SKU penetration and brand exposure.
  • Eliminate repalletizing smaller order sizes.
  • Reduce waste through less use of cardboard.
  • Improve trading partner relationships.
  • Increase sales.

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