Reusable IBC Container Rental

For over 30 years CHEP has been the global leader in reusable shipping container solutions, with the widest range of bulk containers, liners, accessories, and service options in the industry.

Our bulk container rental solution was developed to provide the very best protection for your product. Start your journey to a more sustainable and efficient supply chain today with CHEP IBC tote rental.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an IBC?

    IBCs, or Intermediate Bulk Containers, are reusable containers made for the transportation and storage of liquids, semi-solids, or dry goods.

  • What can I put into an IBC?

    CHEP provides bulk container rental to a variety of industries, primarily in the liquid food and beverage sector. 

    Common product applications are sauces, flavorings, edible oils, dairy alternatives, and other liquid ingredients such as cosmetics and non-hazardous chemicals. 

    Additionally, the CHEP ComboPro bin can support the shipment of bulk meat cuts which would have otherwise been shipped in one-time-use corrugate boxes. 

    For more on the industries we serve, click here.

  • How much does an IBC tote hold?

    For liquid applications, the standard Pallecon collapsible shipping container holds 315 gallons or up to 3,300 pounds of product. 

    The CHEP ComboPro bin for protein can be loaded up to 2,100 pounds, and our reusable bulk container options for solid dry goods can support load weights up to 2,500 pounds. 

    For additional container specification information, click here.

  • Will CHEP bulk containers work with my existing equipment?

    CHEP can provide container accessories to fit your existing equipment, including custom filling and decanting adaptors, fill bridges, liner bag winders and more. 

    One of our Packaging Consultants can easily evaluate your existing systems and provide the necessary components to keep your business running smoothly.

    For more information on our liners and accessories, click here

  • How are reusable containers cleaned?

    After each trip, our reusable containers are taken to the nearest service center where they undergo a robust cleaning process. Carefully sanitized and dried totes are individually inspected for quality before being approved for reissue.

    Additionally, CHEP customers benefit from our proprietary asset tracking technology. Each container is individually barcoded and data is captured electronically throughout the supply chain, allowing you to automate quality control programs required by FSMA regulations.

Using our liquid Pallecon IBCs

Pallecon 315

How To Use Reusable Bulk Shipping Containers
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  • Pallecon 315 - Setup

  • Pallecon 315 - Fill

  • Pallecon 315 - Decant

  • Pallecon 315 - Collapse

How to use the CHEP Pallecon 315

  • How to Setup CHEP IBCs
    See how easy it is to setup the Pallecon 315 liquid container. It takes just one person and 30 seconds to prepare the IBC for filling.
  • How to Fill IBCs
    Learn about the efficiencies of our form-fit liquid container liner. The form-fit liquid liner helps ship more product per container and greatly reduces the chance for cross-contamination of products.
  • How to Empty IBCs
    The CHEP decant process leaves less residual product than any other container. This simple procedure helps reduce cross-contamination, eliminates unnecessary cleaning, and reduces disposal costs when compared to common single-use packaging options. 
  • How to Collapse CHEP IBCs
    Learn how easy it is to collapse and prepare the CHEP Pallecon 315 collapsible liquid container for their return shipment.

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