Sustainability and a Zero Waste World

Smarter, More Sustainable Supply Chains

CHEP’s business model is inherently sustainable. By using our pooled assets and sustainability solutions, our customers’ supply chains become more efficient in terms of cost and use of natural resources. We help customers become part of the circular economy through our principles of share and reuse. The more our customers use our platforms, the greater the efficiencies.

Just finding individual efficiencies is not enough for the challenge that we all face. We need a new collective mindset that starts from the principle of generating zero waste – then working together to see how to make that happen. In 2019, CHEP launched "Zero Waste World" an initiative to bring together many of the world’s major companies in a group effort to address the three main challenges facing our supply chain.

2025 sustainability targets

2020 initiates the “decade of action” on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). CHEP’s 2025 targets are our guide to making this vision a reality by focusing our actions where our sustainable business can have the most positive impact.

We’ll work across our value chain to deliver life’s daily essentials while restoring nature and advancing a fairer society.

Our focus is on three key areas to become Planet Positive, Business Positive and Communities Positive.

View our 2025 sustainability targets
2025 Sustainability Goal graphic
Path to positive impact

Committing to net-zero emissions by 2040

person holding plant

Giving back what we take from the planet is no longer enough. We must accelerate our efforts to build a regenerative supply chain together. Brambles is adopting science-based targets and bringing the net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions deadline from the Paris Climate Agreement forward by ten years. 

View the roadmap to net-zero emissions

Sustainability in action

Interactive sustainability calculator for CHEP pallets. Calculate your environmental savings.

View the planet positive impacts on carbon emissions, natural resources, and solid waste by using CHEP share and reuse pallets versus single-use whitewood pallets.

Get your environmental savings

Less Resources, More Value, Together


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Zero Waste World

Zero Waste World is an innovation program enabling retailers and consumer goods companies to create smarter, more sustainable supply chains.

Learn more about CHEP's Zero Waste World Program and North America Zero Waste World Events.

Key Facts and Stats

Positive Impacts

In one year, CHEP created the following savings in North America for customers and the environment.

How we can we help you become more sustainable?

Our sustainability program operates on three levels:

  • Share and Reuse

    We replace disposable packaging with high quality, re-useable pallets and containers to eliminate waste and make your business more efficient.

  • Collaboration projects

    Through a full analysis of your supply chains we identify areas where we can work together to address your specific logistical challenges and save you money.

  • Best Practices & Credentials

    By partnering with CHEP you get access to our world-class supply chain professionals. Organizations from all across the globe have endorsed our sustainability expertise and the benefits it brings to our customers.

Our 2020 Goal Achievements

Our 2020 Goal Achievements

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved nearly all of these goals to help us reach our aspiration of achieving a better business, a better planet and better communities.

View our 2020 goal achievements

Case Studies

Global brands trust CHEP with their supply chain needs

  • Kroger

  • Kellogg's

  • Walmart Canada

  • General Mills

  • Kimberly-Clark

  • Proctor & Gamble

  • Tanimura & Antle

  • Wholesum Harvest

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