Supply chains do more than move product.

They serve the needs of people.

They protect food as it moves from farms and fields to the family dinner table. They protect the environment by operating efficiently and sustainably. They build better communities. They help uplift the underprivileged, providing safe and rewarding employment opportunities.

We see it every day because we are inside thousands of supply chains around the world, and we work hard to achieve those outcomes, just like you do.

We converged the circular economy and the shared economy when we introduced the concept of sharing and reusing platforms more than 60 years ago. It’s in our DNA to reduce waste and carbon emissions, protect and preserve the use of natural resources, reduce product damage, increase the world’s food supply, support diversity and indigenous communities, and improve the working and safety conditions within established and emerging supply chains.

Here’s how together we can make the world a better place: 

Community Development

In South Africa, our community development initiatives help people who need it most, from the homeless to children living in poverty. We provide assistance through a range of carefully screened programs supported by NGOs. 

Many of our community initiatives focus on helping the youngest members of our society, particularly in rural areas where schools are often poorly funded and where children often lack the most basic supplies. 

We support our chosen programs financially, and we’ve also built our own successful employee volunteer program from scratch. 

We believe that both big corporations and single individuals have a unique role to play in bringing about meaningful change in our communities. When you choose CHEP, you choose a responsible business serious about upliftment and transformation.

Community Development

Community Development

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