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Illuminate. Reimagine. Transform.

BXB Digital, A Brambles Company, leverages innovative digital and IoT technologies to deliver data-driven, end-to-end visibility and collaboration for our customers’ supply chains services worldwide. We help our customers to ILLUMATE. REIMAGINE. TRANSFORM. their supply chains.

Based in Silicon Valley, CA, our team of 85 experienced supply chain and technology experts bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience from across the logistics management and asset tracking industries to provide global sustainable business solutions for our customer’s supply chains.

Our complete, end-to-end supply chain management solutions are purpose built to illuminate today's operational, quality, sustainability, and business challenges for the Perishable, Frozen, Fresh and Consumer Packaged Goods industries. From reimagining supply and demand forecasting to product distribution process optimisation- and much more in between- we enable our customers to transform and optimise their supply chains.

Brambles Org Structure

What we do

Founded in 2016, BXB Digital was created by Brambles with the goal of unlocking the power of data and digitised solutions to bring new insight and visibility to the supply chain. For the past 5 years, we have provided data-driven asset tracking services that unlocks supply chain visibility within CHEP’s supply chains. With this valuable insight, CHEP and its customers can better understand how their assets are behaving in transit and across the supply chain, enabling effective operations management.

To do this, we combine near-real time asset tracking data gathered from the supply chain with an unparalleled wealth of supply chain knowledge and data from CHEP, to create an unmatched level of valuable supply chain insight. This insight is then used by CHEP and our customers to ILLUMINATE. REIMAGINE. TRANSFORM. their supply chains, to address issues such as logistics and reverse logistics management, and to optimise production and distribution processes within the various supply chain locations. Ultimately, we enable CHEP and our customers to become more efficient, more cost effective and more sustainable than ever before.

Our services are delivered as an end-to-end solution; from hardware supply and data processing through to user-friendly applications and dashboards to deliver insight. By operating as a ‘one-stop shop’, we can minimise administration and operating costs, whilst benefitting from optimised systems integration and the ability to respond quickly for solution development and troubleshooting.

End-to-End Solutions

Lifting the lid on your supply chain shouldn’t have to be a difficult task. That’s why we’re proud to offer our customers a full End-to-end solution that illuminates, reimagines and transforms their supply chains. From the tracking device installed on your assets, through data processing and analysis, right up to delivery of user-friendly applications and reporting, we offer the full process at BXB Digital.

This offers numerous benefits to our customers, such as an all-in-one lower cost, less administration, optimised systems integration, and a more responsive solution that delivers exactly what you need to know. Read on to find out how we can deliver our End-to-end solution:

End-to-End Solutions
Illuminate. Reimagine. Transform.

The Edge

The Edge
BXBD Ultra device fixed to a pallet

The Edge refers to the physical tracking devices that we fix to our customer’s assets to enable us to track them as they move through the supply chain. By being fixed to the customer’s asset, we can follow their journey from service centre, through transit in vehicles and trailers and identify locations and facilities where they dwell along the way.

There are multiple different types of device available on the market, all with different functions and capabilities. The key is to ensure that you are using the correct edge device that suits the purpose of your operation. Whilst BRIX, our proprietary data processing platform, can work with any third-party tracking device, we will always recommend using BXB Digital’s own edge devices to ensure maximum compatibility and accuracy.

BXB Digital’s in-house hardware team have produced our own line of tried-and-tested supply-chain ready tracking devices. Called “Ultra”, these devices are designed to be robust enough to survive the rigours of the supply chain, with form-factors that ensure secure fitting to pallets and containers. Certified for use across the world’s supply chains, our Ultra devices utilise Cellular and Narrow-Band IoT networks to deliver accurate and reliable wide-range data transmission. This enables us to track our customers assets across any supply chain they might be in.

By utilising BXB Digital’s devices, our customers can also benefit from absolute data security. With no other partners/ third-parties required for processing, you and your customer’s valuable data is kept safe and secure at all times.

With over 35,000 devices deployed to date as part of digitising CHEP’s supply chains worldwide, our team continually develops and enhances our devices to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness.

The Cloud

BXBD - The Cloud
Brambles Intelligence Exchange™

The Brambles Intelligence Exchange™ (BRIX) is BXB Digitals proprietary cloud-based supply chain data processing tool that enables us to Illuminate. Reimagine. Transform. supply chains. Developed from the ground up by our in-house development team, BRIX collects live tracking data from our edge devices in the field, organises it, analyses it and processes it using complex algorithms to produce easy-to-interpret and valuable supply chain insight. In doing so, BRIX provides a platform for Data Structure, Conversion, Collaboration, Algorithms, Workflows, Secure Identity and Predictive Analytics, all of which combine to deliver supply chain visibility such as the data-automated insights customers need to identify trouble spots and inefficiencies within their supply chain.

What makes BRIX unique is that it has been developed exclusively for use in the supply chain. By linking with CHEP’s unparalleled supply chain network data, we are in the exceptional position of being able to apply contextual information (company names, location functions e.g. ‘manufacturing plant’, logistical data) to the live tracking data received from our edge devices. This allows us to produce more than just ‘dots on a map’. We can identify patterns and exceptions and anticipate asset behaviours, helping our customers to learn more about the true performance of their supply chain in easy-to-interpret figures and KPIs.

BRIX is the powerhouse of BXB Digital, and benefits from a dedicated team of developers, engineers and architects that are continually developing new and superior functions that deliver even greater value and insight into our customers supply chains.


BXBD - Applications image
Easy-to-interpret insight

Our applications represent the user-friendly interface of BRIX for each product. As a cloud-based platform, our customers can access BRIX from any internet-enabled device. This means that key supply chain knowledge can be accessed by multiple functions across your supply chain operation. For example, your team in the head office may need to know insight to support billing and invoicing cycles, whereas your team in the warehouse will want to see exactly where and when their products will be arriving- from the head office down to the warehouse floor- enabling quicker responses that save time and money in your supply chain.

From visual map-based reports to key KPI metrics and charts, we deliver the valuable insight that you need in a manner that is easy to interpret, and- most importantly- easy to act upon. Complete with Excel and Power Bi integration, you can customise your reporting to deliver the right information to the right people, in a format that works for them.

Our Products

Developed exclusively for the supply chain, our products harness the power of asset tracking data, combined with CHEP's own unparalleled master data to create valuable insights into the true performance of our customers’ supply chains. It is through these products that we can ILLUMINATE. REIMAGINE. TRANSFORM. the supply chain.

BXBD - Our Products
Illuminate. Reimagine. Transform
BXBD - FI image

Flow Illumination

Flow Illumination provides a detailed view of asset flows throughout your supply chain, to support your logistics operations management. Similar to a medical “MRI”, Flow Illumination lets you see areas in your supply chain that are functioning as expected, areas that have bottlenecks or exceptions, and trends and patterns of activities such as scheduled delivery windows, supply and demand forecasting, compliance requirements or unexpected weather events. In short, it helps our customers to move from “I think” to “I know” when managing their supply chain.

By attaching a supply-chain approved tracking device to CHEP’s pallets and containers, we can begin to track them as they move through the supply chain, thereby illuminating the flows of that supply chain. Each device is unique to that asset, thereby enabling us to identify where an individual asset is on a chosen timescale interval.

The true value of Flow Illumination is how we are then able to add a layer of rich context to this location data in BRIX. We can automatically cross-check each data ‘ping’ from the device against CHEP’s vast supply chain network knowledge. This allows us to identify what is at each location, the function that occurs there, and therefore identify whether that asset is where it should be, and how we can expect it to act next.

This unlocks a new layer of visibility for our customers to know how their supply chain is working – and more importantly, when it isn’t working as planned. When assets are found to be dwelling too long or have travelled to an incorrect location – we can flag it so that operational teams can address the problem before it gets worse. This saves our customers, and their customers, time and money, whilst providing reassurance and certainty in their supply chain visibility.

BXB Digital currently delivers Flow Illumination solutions across multiple regions globally through CHEP’s supply chains. From small scale engagements that are laser-focused at solving specific supply chain issues, up to large scale engagements designed to provide continuous and far-reaching visibility across entire supply chains.

You can read about one of our numerous Flow Illumination success stories in the caser study below:

Flow Illumination Case Study
BXBD - IM Image

Inventory Management

The modern supply chain is a complex prospect. As CHEP’s customer’s businesses grow, so too do their supply chain operations. This requires significant investment in a high volume of assets such as containers and their related equipment. Inventory Management is designed to ensure these assets are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible – maximising operational output whilst optimising the asset fleet size.

By attaching a supply-chain approved tracking device to CHEP’s pallets and containers, we can track them as they move through the supply chain – illuminating the flows. Each device is unique to that asset, thereby enabling us to identify where an individual asset is on a chosen timescale interval.

By using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices combined with appropriate infrastructure, we can track location accuracy to within specific operational areas of each location – for example, when assets are in a loading bay, or when they are then moved to a product fill area. This combination of live tracking data with CHEP’s supply chain network context data enables us to account for each asset, and identify what activity it is performing, at what time and at what location – reimagining the way we view that supply chain.

With this data, we produce key reports and dashboards that identify how assets are performing at the individual level, alongside fleet-level performance statistics. Through configuring our customers’ specific requirements, we can help to identify and flag when assets are not performing as required, enabling operational teams to address the problem areas. This insight allows for better business decisions related to demand and replenishment planning, logistics and reverse logistics operation management, asset maintenance and availability for use – ultimately transforming the supply chain.

BXBD - CTS Image

Collaborative Transport Solutions

Collaborative Transport Solutions combines BXB Digital’s asset tracking data with the extensive delivery and declaration data from the CHEP supply chain network to illuminate synergies in transportation lanes, allowing us to reimagine the supply chain and transform the process for our customers.

The result is long-term, strategic lane-matching opportunities. Or in other words, fewer trucks operating on fewer lanes without sacrificing performance. Working closely with CHEP, BXB Digital can enable both collaboration opportunities (synergy between CHEP and a customer) and orchestration opportunities (synergy with multiple customers). This means utilizing vast amounts of data and processing it through our Lane Matching Tool to identify complementary lanes where empty miles can be eliminated. Through the power of BRIX, we can help Brambles and its customers maximize sustainability and reduce transport costs across the supply chain- without sacrificing service levels.

You can find out more about Collaborative Transport Solutions in action here:

Collaborative Transport Solutions Case Study

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